In 2012, a small group of pastors began to pray, dream, and plan for a way of training church planters and pastors with the model of the past; meaningful life together in local churches—churches unified through gospel identity and missional commitment. One year later, Jesse Furey transitioned from directing CRU at Radford University to gather our first cohort of apprentices and lead the Bonhoeffer Haus. The Board of Directors was formally established 2 years later in order to expand our leadership structure, foster accountability, and strengthen our commitment to this particular model of pastoral formation.

Presently, the Bonhoeffer Haus has two main cohorts, Roanoke and New River Valley. While our apprentices serve most directly under one pastor in a partner church, they also share life together with other apprentices and pastors within their cohort.  Each cohort has a director who leads the apprentices in regular study, prayer, training, and fellowship.  The Bonhoeffer Haus has trained and sent church planters to Floyd, Richmond, and Canmore, Alberta.  Our hope is to see more cohorts born out of those and future plants.